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maxime saint-martin

"I wanto to achieve 31’00’’ on 10k and 14’50’’ on 5k for first year"

About Maxime Saint-Martin

I train 20 hours per week in the three disciplines, swimming, cycling, running "

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 09/02/2001

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 136lbs

Graduation year: 2020

Placement year: Fall 2020




Current club: Union Athlétique de Versailles

Current coach: Sébastien Argentin


Personal Records:

10k : 31:50 (2019)

5000m : 15:12 (2019)

3000m : 8:59.52 (2019)


High School name: Lycée Marie Curie



GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Maxime's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Major: Business / Economics / Finance


2020 (U20)

20th place at High School Nationals

16th place at Regionals

2019 (U20)

High School National Champion - Triathlon

11th place at Nationals - Duathlon

Vice District Champion - Cross Country

2018 (U18)

3rd place at Nationals - Duathlon

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Why should I recruit you ?

  I started my sports activities with Athletics when I was 6 years old and following good friends of mine, I joined my Triathlon Club in 2014 in Paris area.

Since that time, my performances have improved both in Triathlon and Duathlon. I have been performing at a French National Championship level for the last four years.


My best rank ever was 3rd place (Bronze medal) at Duathlon nationals in 2018. At that time, I was competing in the “Cadet” (u18) category as a 2nd year.


One year after, in 2019, competing in Junior 1st year, I finished 11th at the Nationals Duathlon Championship. During that race, I had to compete with many good runners, like Paul Georgenthum (ranked 2nd  at the Triathlon World Championship in the Junior category in 2018).


Beside my academics, I train 20 hours per week in the three disciplines, swimming, cycling, running with 2 coaches with whom I have strong and very good relationships (In 2016, in order to access more easily to Track, I decided to enter an Athletics club in parallel to the Triathlon club).


My competitive spirit is really developed, and I have a deep team spirit too. Thanks to my experiences, I built a strong mental.


Based on my good running capacities, I have decided to focus on this discipline recently although I continue to train for swimming and cycling.

  • I ran my first official road 10k in 31’54’’ in Dec 2019.

  • Aside from that, in June 2019, I achieved, 15’12’’in an official 5000m (on track).

  • I also ran 8’47’’ on 3000m in Feb 2020 (unofficial, but my coach can testify).


My project is to enter a good US University that will allow me to improve those performances while achieving a 4 years Bachelor in Business & Management.

Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


  There are four reasons:

  1. Beside my studies, I absolutely want to pursue my athletic career. In France, this is very difficult to find a School or a University that allows to continue sport at a high level while accomplishing academic duties.

  2. I am looking for good sports equipment and for a good coach specialized on long distance running. The relationship with my coach is key. I know that US Universities are considering this aspect with a very high attention. I want to be part of a team to regularly compete at a high level. I understand US level of competition is high, this is key for motivation. Representing the values and the colors of a University is crucial, very crucial.

  3. My coaches both encouraged me to orient myself this way. Also, my family is supporting me in that orientation. I will stay in contact with my both parents. I think this will ease and balance my experience in the US.

  4. I am very motivated by being graduated in the US. This will be a tremendous experience in my life. Being fluent in English (language and mindset) is for me something exceptional. I know those 4 years will help to build my life.


I had discussion with friends of mine about this project and following those I got some opinion of runners who lead the same type of project, and they convinced me to do the same.

What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?

  Short term objectives:

  • Track + XC: Participate at National competitions,

  • Track: Achieve 31’00’’ on 10k and 14’50’’ on 5k for first year,

  • Gain Experience on those distances.


Long term objectives:

  • Track + XC: Achieve a good ranking at National competitions (Having no reference yet, I do not have idea of what is “good raking”, but I want to achieve a place that will be recognized as a reference),

  • Track: Achieve 29’30’’ on 10k and 14’15’’ on 5k at least,

  • Being a key team member and motivate youngers to progress.


College and life goals?

  On the academic side, I want to invest myself to be graduated after 4 years. This graduation represents a key milestone in my life because I plan to create my sport-oriented company or join a prestigious sport Company.


I will implicate seriously in my studies in order to well-balance my life between sport and studies. I understand success in sport cannot be considered without success in academics and vice and versa.


This 4 years’ experience will participate to my own life building. I know I will not see life in the same way after than before. I anticipate a deep change trough that experience. I will be bilingual, understand American culture and way of life differently, open myself to diversity.

In a way this will make me more accomplished and different. I know I will meet a lot of different persons, thus sharing with others many aspects of the life. I hope I can count on a strong relationship with my coach.

Anything to add?

  I am a communicative and sensitive person. I will pay attention to build a real partnership with my future coach and pears. I cannot wait to share my excitement about my next American college dream, during a skype call.


Since I am 6 years old, sport has always balanced my life. I know that this will be the case in my US studies. 


I am very enthusiastic and motivated by this 4 years perspective. I really hope my application will be considered. I have faith in my ability to surpass myself when I am motivated. Here, this is the case.

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