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Loic Rossignaud

"Being a long-term average runner does not interest me "

About Loic Rossignaud

"This year, my training volume has considerably increased with an average of 85km run per week, so I intend to start producing high performances very soon. "

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 04/01/1999

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 137lbs

Graduation year: 2018

Placement year: Fall 2018



High School name: Lycée La Fayette


SAT: 870

GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Loic's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Major: Mechanical Engineering



Current club: ASPTT Clermont

Current coach: Patrice Suc


Personal Records:

1000m: 2:39.10 (2017)

1500m: 4:14.45 (2017)

10k: 32:01 (2018)


2018 :

Placed 26th at XC Nationals U20

Placed 3rd at XC 1/2 finals U20


District champion on 1500m

Placed 11th at High School Nationals

Placed 84th at XC Nationals for age 18-19


2016 :

Placed 22nd in XC at Nationals for age 16-17


What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?


In the future I would like to continue my progression in XC, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, 10000m

I want to participate to cross-country championships but also indoor / outdoor meets on distances from 1500m up to 10000m.

I am usually seen as a pure cross country runner, so I am motivated to represent my university during the cross country season; nevertheless, I also want to achieve great thing on the track.


College and life goals?


In addition to my sporting goals, I have ambitions in my professional life.

Someday I wish to reconcile in my job science and technology. The field of mechanical engineering attracts me particularly because I am motivated by the concrete aspect of this field. Thinking about the optimization of mechanical systems operation is an activity that inspires and pleases me.

Anything to add

In addition to enjoying sport and competition, I played piano for 5 years in music school. I stopped this activity recently to better invest in track and field and studies.

I want to study and run in the United States to evolve but also because I love adventure and the discovery of a new culture.

This year, my training volume has considerably increased with an average of 85km run per week, so I intend to start producing high performances very soon.

Since last year I have entered a sector of studies in science and technology in industry and sustainable development that suits me and motivates me to work, as evidenced by the transcripts of my last two years.

Why I should recruit you ?


I practice track and field since 2013 but I really began to evolve in 2015 when I became both departmental and regional champion in cross country. I won these titles because I discovered a strong attraction for the competition. In cross country in particular, I appreciate the presence of race strategies, field in which I am talented.

In 2016 I participated in the National championships and took 22nd spot among the 500 best XC runners of the nation.

Since last year I am also interested in track events, and especially on the 1500m for which I realized 4'14. For the next 6 months, my goal is to go under 4'00.

In order to achieve this goal, I stick to a strict sport-life balance. I like this aspect of track and field because I have no difficulty in imposing myself constraints and it allows me to become better.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


In France too many times have I not been able to participate to high school competitions because of the lack of athletes in my school, lack of coaches and organization. In the United States the organizations and the budget of the university could allow me to join a team and to be able to access high level competitions where I can prove myself.

I like running every day, competing, training or jogging at home. Nevertheless, being a long-term average runner does not interest me, I have the competitive spirit and I want to perform as quickly as possible. The philosophy of the university teams interests me because I want to be able to train at the highest level with teammates who can push me to my best.

I think track and field can be a team sport. I trained by myself in the beginning, which allowed me to forge a strong mind but not to reach my limits. With teammates in training and competition, I will be able to improve myself significantly.

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