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"Since my first day on track, my main goal is to represent my country"

About Baptiste Jard

"I started running approximately 4 years ago to fill up a XC team in my city and since this day I've been improving consistently"

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 04/15/1997

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 143lbs

Graduation year: 2014

Placement year: Fall 2018



High School name: Lycée Jean Monnet

TOEFL: 102

SAT: Not Necessary

GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Baptiste's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Current university name: INSA Lyon

Major: Materials Engineering



Current club: JOUE RUNNING 37

Current coach: Claude Rollin


Personal Records:

1500m: 3'53"52 / short-term goal 3'49"

3000m: 8'29" / short-term goal: 8'10"

5000m: 14'38" / short-term goal: 13'55"

10k: 30'47" / short-term goal: 29'50"



Regional 1500m Champion

Placed 10th at XC Nationals U23

Placed 3rd at XC 1/2 finals U23

Regional Cross Country Champion U23 


 French University Cross Country Champion with INSA Lyon Team

French University Champion - 10km

7th place French Championships U23 - 5000m


2016 :

French Champion U20 - 1/2 Marathon

(with best french performance for this year)

2015 :

1st participation to the French Cross Country Championships U18


What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?


Since my first day on track, my main goal is to represent my country. I'll work a lot to try to achieve it even if it's an ambitious project. XC is my favorite discipline because it's the simplest definition of what is running, so I just want to improve and run as fast as I can and help my team to be the best as possible !

On track, I want to be a 5000m/10000m runner so I really need to improve my times on 1500m and 3000m to develop some “speed” that will be useful on longer distances.


College and life goals?


At the present time, I study Materials Science and Engineering at INSA Lyon in France. I want to continue in the US and maybe stay if I find my way over there. In the future, I hope I can join a company which will understand my sports project and support it. Material Science is a really large field of study and that's what attracted me.

If I can join a company related to sport it will be even better !

Anything to add

In daily life, I'm a really enthusiastic guy, always smiling and joking. I hope I can find a coach and a team that match with my personality and my ambitions ! I'm ready to start this experience !

Why I should recruit you ?


I'm a competitor ! I started running approximately 4 years ago to fill up a XC team in my city and since this day I’ve been improving consistently. Thus, I decided to focus on this sport project to reach the best level I can.  I'm not afraid to work a lot and I'm really involved in everything I decide to start. Before becoming a runner,

I was a rugby player and I developed a great team spirit that helps me to give everything I have for my teammates. I'm also a pleasant guy, always ready to learn new things and share what I know to help others.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


The USA have a true culture of sport and competition. As a competitor, I always want to face the best athletes I can to learn and improve. Compete at US colleges is a really good opportunity for me to face not only the good level of American athletes but also the density of it. US colleges competitions also attract me by the great team spirit that exists in every single University.

As I said, I played rugby at a national level in France for 10 years before I started running and we always fought for each other during the games. I think I can find this state of mind in a US team.

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