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Alexandre fetizon

"U18 Road 5k French record holder"

About Alexandre Fetizon

" I am physically and mentally ready to fly to the United States in order to reach the highest possible level."

Sport: Track & Field

Citizenship: France

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 02/15/02

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 125lbs

Graduation year: 2020

Placement year: Fall 2021




Current club: Entente Family Stade Reims Athlétisme

Current coach: Pascal Fetizon


Personal Records:

3000m indoor : 8:39.43 (2020)

3000m : 8:39.18 (2019)

5000m: 15:01.48 (2020)

1500m indoor : 4:03.32 (2019)

1500m : 4:02.40 (2019)

5k road : 15:16 (2019)

10k : 30:53 (Non official)


High School name: Lycée Jean Jaurès



GPA: According to NCAA guidelines, Alexandre's GPA would meet U.S. requirements

Major: Sciences


2020 (U20)

2nd place at Regionals

1st place at 1/4 finals - XC

2019 (U18)

National Record - 5k in 15'16

17th place at Nationals -XC

District Champion - 1500m

District Champion - XC

2018 (U18)

Regional Champion - 3000m

Vice Regional Champion - 1500m indoor

District Champion - 1500m indoor

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Why should I recruit you ?

  I think that I am a good recruit because I am a passionate, motivated and rigorous athlete. I also am a versatile athlete. I can perform from the 1500m to the 10,000m to cross country. I can run as well on the road as on the track. I am although the U18 5k French record holder.

I was born in a top athlete’s family, my parents were both several times in the French national team.

Obviously, I am conditioned to a rigorous training. I never think about avoiding training. Moreover all my family is behind me and prepares me to reach the highest level. My coach, who is my father, didn’t train me in order to be the best immediately. He trains me gradually to prepare me to be the best when I will be an adult. So my motivation doesn’t change, I never get disgusted by training, it is the opposite. The US could allow me to train hard, that’s what I want to do. I am physically and mentally ready to fly to the United States in order to reach the highest possible level. So I will be a profitable recruit over the time. My body and my mind aren’t tired. So, during all my collegiate time in the US, I will be voluntary and determined to give it all. Finally, I think that my best strength is my will of giving the maximum during races and trainings. I always try to give the best of myself. I’m not afraid by exhaustion or pain. My only fear is to not be able to give it all when I need to.


Why do you want to compete at US Colleges?


  First, I really like the US, the mood, the mentality, and the landscapes.

Secondly, the US are the only place where we can study full time and train hard.

I would like to train hard so that I can reach the highest level thanks to American coaches’ experience. I also want to ensure the best future for myself thanks to American colleges.

In France, I am used to train alone. That is not easy everyday but my determination remains intact. What I search by coming in the US is a team in which each athlete brings something to the group and makes it stronger, in which we help each other in order to reach a high level and make shine the university. In order to train hard, I’m looking for a team like that. A team who is listening to the coach and in which the only goal is to succeed. So, that’s all I’m looking for by coming into the US.

What do you want to achieve in Track/XC?

  I would like to improve all my PBs, to continue to work on short and middle distances in order to improve my level on long distances. I would like to reach an international level on 5000m and 10000m. I have no fear about the distance, my dream is to run a 10000m or a 5000m at a national championship for my university.

On cross country, my goal is to make my mind stronger for track. But my goal is especially to be able to run as a team in order to make the university and the team win.


College and life goals?

  My goal is to make sure that I will have a good or a very good quality of life when I will no longer be able to run. In France, it’s very difficult to live out of our sport. So I would like to get the highest degrees that I can reach in order to have the happiest and most peaceful life financially speaking after and during my athletic career. I would like to pursue studies in scientific fields related to mathematics or physics. After my degree, I would like to find a job that can allow me to start a family and to make it happy, to fulfill all of my and their needs.

Anything to add?

  When I have a goal, I do not give up as long as I did not attain it. I’m ready to never give up in studies as well as in trainings. I am listening to coaches and professors.

Moreover I adapt easily. I will do everything to integrate the team and the general student body.

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